Angepinnt Changelog

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    • Frenzy (Instant 80 PvP)
      - Template NPC which allows players to equip all the recommended arena gear, talents, glyphs, enchants and gems for 2v2/3v3 arena. (Im the original author of the script, as probably some of you guys know)

      - challenge (Wargames) commands which allows players to challenge for 1v1 arena (skirmish) AND player's groups for respectively 2v2/3v3 arenas also, AND possibility of challenge two groups by a gm by using .challenge players , which is very useful for 1v1/2v2/3v3 events

      - Arena Anti-Draw feature, which will start to decrease the healing in 2v2 rated arenas, and respectively increases the damage in all the rest kind of arenas after 8th minute, (new stack applied every 20 seconds, up to 75 stacks) if still there are no winners
      - Copy Gear feature - allowing to copy the whole gear, talents, glyphs, enchants from selected chatacter (not that you can't copy from GMs)

      - Solo 3v3 feature with own ladder

      - Arena Spectator with many optimizations like always showing nameplates for spectators, added minimap icon so spectators can leave arena by clicking on it -> Leave Battle instead of using any kind of commands like .spec leave; Addon which allows you to make an awesome tournaments on stream.

      - Skirmish 10v10 (feature created only for fun!)

      - Instant professions
      - FFA World pvp zones
      - Arena ready check crystals, and much more goodies which is hard to explain here in this thread (like zone security checks for Vips/non-Vips, Arena start counter (in seconds) while all players in the arena clicked on the ready check crystal, multivendors, .utility commands, fixed clientside "naked" characters issue and many, many many more)
      Emerstorm (Blizzlike)
      World Events
      Hallow's End - 100% working. Fixed in V2
      Day of the Dead - 100% working. (NPC Spawns, Achievement from Katalina when you dance with her)
      Pilgrim - 100% working.
      Winter Veil - 100% working. Fixed in V2
      Lunar Festival - 100% working. Fixed in V2
      Love Festival - 100% working.
      Noblegarden - 100% working.
      Children's Week - 100% working. Fixed in V2
      Midsummer Fire Festival - 100% working.
      Brewfest - 100% working.
      PvP Content
      Blade's Edge Arena - working
      Nagrand Arena - working
      Ruins of Lordaeron - working
      The Ring of Valor - 100% working (Pillar switch, LoS, Elevators)
      The Dalaran Arena - 100% working (Waterfall, Waterfall's LoS, underground falling)

      Warsong Gulch - working
      Arathi Basin - working
      Eye of the Storm - working
      Alterac Valley - working
      Strand of the Ancients - working
      Isle of Conquest - working (couple achievements left to be done)
      PvE Content / Vanilla,TBC
      All dungeons are open and working.
      All raids are open and working.
      WoTLK PvE Content
      Utgarde Keep - working
      Utgarde Pinnacle - working
      Ahn'Kahet - The Old Kingdom - working
      Azjol-Nerub - working
      Drak'Tharon Keep - working
      The Nexus - working
      The Oculus - 100% working
      The Violet Hold - working
      Gundrak - working
      Halls of Stone - working
      Halls of Lightning - working
      Trial of the Champion - 100% working (Mounts, Events, Achievements, Texts...)
      The Culling of Stratholme - 100% working (v4)
      Forge of Souls - working
      Pit of Saron - working (v4)
      Halls of Reflection - 100% working (v4) on both factions.
      Eye of Eternity - working
      Naxxramas - Fully available and working
      The Obsidian Sanctum - Fully available and working
      Vault of Archavon - Fully(4/4) available and working
      Onyxia's Lair - Fully available and working
      Ulduar - Fully(14/14) available and working (v4)
      Trial of the Crusader - Fully(7/7) available and working
      Icecrown Citadel - Fully available and working (v4) - including pre-events at Professor Putricide, Sindragosa's tomb ward, spiders coming down on their web and so on..
      Ruby Sanctum - 100% working (v4)
      Custom Content
      - Duel CD Reset
      - Arena Spectator (without any bugs)
      - Beastmaster
      - 1v1 Rated/Skirmish arenas
      - Enchanter
      - Free i80 premade characters for new accounts(3 npc's in total)
      - One-click class trainer
      - Profession Giver
      - Reforger - Credits to Rochet
      - Teleporter - Credits to Rochet
      - Titlegiver[Requires Apexis Crystals -
      - Transmogrification (Gear/Enchants) - Credits to Rochet and me.
      - Custom Arena rating requirements for 1v1
      - 1v1 Rated Arenas
      - 1v1 Skirmish Arenas
      - 3v3 Skirmish Arenas
      - 10v10 Skirmish Arenas
      - Item Requester
      - Arena Premade Start
      - Transmogrification for items
      - Transmogrification for enchants (v4)
      - Vanilla-style PvP Titles (OnKill hook)
      - Passive Anticheat(hardly modified) - Credits to Manuel
      - Opcode flood protection for both Auth/World servers and to all opcodes.
      - Custom NPC Displays (c) Rochet2 [V4]
      - Arena Tournament's i80 boost npc [V4]
      - Arena Anti Draw [V4]
      - Account-wide Mounts [V4]
      - Multivendor [V4]
      - Custom account control (players can't log with more than X accounts) - prevents multiboxers [V4]
      - Fake Players [V4]
      - Custom Rates /too long to describe, check worldserver.conf/ [V4]
      - AHBot [V4]
      - Custom Spell Regulations /modify spell damage or healing/ [V4]
      Premium Account System /VIPS/ - V4
      - [Done] Custom char names (Example: FALL1N)
      - [Done] Custom player chat color icons and other cool stuff from the hysteria-chat addon
      - [Future] Buffs on login
      - [Done] increased honor gain
      - [Done] increased xp gain
      - [Done] increased gold gain
      - [Done] increased reputation gain
      - [Future] increased loot gain
      - [Done] increased arena pts
      - [Done] Crafting/Gatherin Skills
      - [Done] maxskills
      - [Done] instant logout
      - [Done] Instant Fly
      - [Future] Instant Zeppelin
      - [Future] Hearthstone Cooldown
      - [Done] Free flight paths for premiums
      - [Done] Custom Mount ID for VIPs when using flight taxi