[Declined] NoOvL's Join Request to JG|

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  • [Declined] NoOvL's Join Request to JG|

    What is your name, nickname, age, and location? My name is Ali , my nick name is NoOvL , I've 12 years old and living in Egypt , Minya

    How long have you been playing MTA:SA? 2 years. Frist year in ffs and second year
    in 3R and TG.

    How long have you been around JG Gaming Community? Without lying not too much.

    How much time you spend on the forums? not too much

    Have you ever been banned, kicked or had any problem with members on JG|? Fortunatly , no I don't have anyproblems with any admin.

    What other clans have you been in? 《 Never Lose - nL | Divinity Gamers - -DG| | Shooter Racers - sR | Black Gaming - BG// | Sound Of Victory - |SoV| 》

    Why do you want to join JG?I want to join JG| to be a part of the squad in addition to be shooter manager and find some friends that I can trust them in my personly details.

    What can you offer or bring to JG? I can give them many things like creating strong shooter team also Desiging (Photo shop CS6) and punish who broke the rules.

    Tell us more about your personal life: I'm a simple person I like playing football my hobby is programming and I want to be programmer in the future and My family consist of 1 sister and 1 brother and father and mother.

    In a scale from 1 to 20, evaluate your English: With my age it could be 15.

    Tell us about the best experience you had on MTA: I got many experiance specialy in my answers in my real life I took from all the players that I had played with them answers I used it in my real life and It made my English score in the school very high.and I got from my little brother Fix best regards for him he now joined another clan anyway He learnt me many things about shooter I think he learnt me how to control the car..!

    Do you have Skype? Yes , here you go aliaiman.lelo123 |

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

    Dear JG| Community.